Sunday, 29 July 2012

NGS Garden Visit: Hallsenna

Once upon a time Hallsenna was a typical Cumbrian farmhouse in a tiny hamlet.  Now it is a beautifully restored house with a one acre garden. Chris runs a landscape company, Perfectly Planted, and it is obvious that he and Helen spend hours here.

My first view of the garden didn't fill me with joy, I saw every bed neatly covered with bark chips and thought "Parks Department" (which wasn't a compliment) but as I wandered around and spent time getting a feel for the place I realised it was nothing to do with Parks Department and everything to do with growing strong, healthy and weed-free plants to a standard that I can only envy and aspire to.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and since visiting Hallesenna, many beds at Bag End have found themselves covered with bark chip and more will follow.  Keeps the weeds down, stops the endless rain compacting the soil, provides endless amusement for the blackbirds and doesn't look bad either. 

The vegetable patch is surrounded by a hedge of Eleagnus.  Only 5 or 6 years old it provides essential windbreak - this garden is only a couple of fields away from the coast.

Once upon a time the site was a field and everything in it has been created by Chris and Helen, even the "old" walls.

Despite the gorgeous plants and endless attention to detail, sadly this isn't a garden I want. I covet all the old stone and outbuildings, but this view shows the back of the house and on the left, how much of the garden they can see, which isn't much.  I want a garden to connect with the house, be accessible, to be able to see it from indoors.  Thanks to our maritime climate we spend a lot of time looking out and I want to be able to see the plants and wildlife, not just see a big bank and a hedge.  Even so, definitely worth a visit, and I'll be back next year if they open again.

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