Friday, 27 July 2012

Muck, muck, glorious muck!

Having a muck heap right next to the access ramp is proving to be a great success, I wish we had done it sooner. Unloading the quad trailer is really easy and my shoulder is much happier at no longer having to lift big tubs of pony poo into the timber compost bins.

Despite sunshine today, the weather continues to be unhelpful.  The ground is far too wet for LP to continue digging the area behind the Big Pond and it looked as if we would have another week without him working here.  Until I had a brainwave - our friends are in the process of the annual clear-out of their covered field shelter.  The muck which is coming out of it is already half-rotted being a mix of pony poo, straw and lots of wee :}   My brainwave was for LP to take his trailer down the road to their field, fill it up and unload it into our new area.

Access into the field is very difficult, the track is steep, narrow and bends half way down.  Normally we leave the trailer just off the road and use the quad bike to move the muck.  Fortunately, today Jackie's son-in-law had turned up with a big 4x4 and was happy to help.  

Everyone mucked in (groan) to load it up, and then unloaded it back at Bag End. Three times!  We reckon in 2½ hours we moved over three tons. Everyone happy:  LP got half a day's work, Jackie and Bert got rid of a load of muck, Hobbit received a load of muck.  If only everything in life could be so simple ☺


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