Saturday, 14 July 2012


It's not all relentless slog, sometimes I actually gently wander around and see how plants are doing.  Generally things are growing well (despite the dreadful summer) but occasionally there are problems.  From a distance the hollyhocks looked great, grown from seed last year and nurtured for over 12 months.

Close up things were nasty, really nasty.  I've never seen such a bad case of rust and decided to pull the whole lot up before the spores infected anything else.

At least the Clematis Nelly Moser has more light now :}

On a more positive note fruit has set on both crab apple trees and looks wonderful.

    Malus 'John Downie'

    Malus 'Evereste'

The Common Spotted Orchid have done well, despite being moved and having a horribly cold start to the season.  

One thing which doesn't mind the endless rain is our willow fedge.


  1. What a shame that hollyhock rust has finished off your new plants. The same happened to us several years ago and we have had to give up on hollyhocks. Everything else looks well in your garden and I love the common spotted orchid.

    At least the trees have been able to drink in lots of water this year. The endless rain in early summer saved the life of an old ash in our neighbour`s garden.I really thought this year would be its last.

    1. Thanks DW. I've grown hollyhocks before with no rust, I think it was a combination of these plants and the weather. You're right about the trees though, at least I haven't had to worry about our new plantings.

  2. Yep. Lots of rain, cool temps, and hollyhocks mean rust. So sad - your plants look like they were meant to go gangbusters had they enjoyed a warm dry summer. Is that fedge as dense as the closeup shows?

    1. Hi Kris, it was disappointing because the plants were big and multi-stemmed, hey ho, not meant to be. Yes the fedge is thatdense and I must take some better photos of it.


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