Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cottage Garden catch up

Looking at the lush growth in all three Cottage Garden beds it is hard to remember that just a year ago there was virtually nothing here.

  August 2011

I'm not entirely happy with some of the planting but problems can be sorted out later in the year.  The Linaria has grown too tall around the crab apple, is flopping all over the place and it's completely obscuring an Eryngium bourgatii so I need to do some moving around.  Under the autumn-flowering cherry is a self-sown Feverfew which is a good insect-magnet but has grown into a bit of a thug.  I'm also going to change the edge so that the profile of the bed matches the cutting line that the mower takes, should make for less work in the long run.

Now that the beds are under (sort of) control Management would like to improve the quality of the lawn in this area and set to with the Mantis tiller to de-thatch the very overgrown grass.  He removed a huge amount going over the whole area twice (once in each direction).  In total it produced enough to fill Miss Daisy's grass basket four times.  Although I hate using chemicals I have agreed that just once we will put down a 'weed and feed' and see what happens.

LP gamely spent a considerable time up a ladder and we now have heavy duty mesh across all of the canopy.  Not before time as the Clematis Montana Broughton Star is making a bid for world domination.

This geranium is due a severe chop and might well get relocated in the autumn.  It is growing just a bit too well in the lasagne bed and would probably be better suited to the long hawthorn bed on the front corner where it can keep the weeds down.

This Clematis, Piilu, seen behind a Viburnum bodnantense Dawn, is an absolute star and I must take some cuttings from it. 


  1. Oh clever me to have scrolled way down and found this gem of a post! And, dearie, I'll take your 'virtually nothing here' garden ANYtime! I agree some transplanting needed THIS year because of your bad luck(*snicker*) that everything grew so well.

    And where/when did that metal canopy come from that LP is meshing? You have snuck in an unposted project (J'accuse!).

    Loving your Pillu clematis. Those stems and lush leaves would be a display even without the blooms.

    I hear you on the weed'n'feed. I say 'go for it'. It's not like you make a habit/hobbit of it. :-)

  2. Kris, it's OK, I really ~do~ know how wonderfully everything has grown in the first year. We have excellent soil and despite the vicious winds, it is a good growing area.

    The canopy was one of the very first things we installed, have sent you a link (way back in September 2009)


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