Friday, 20 July 2012


Combination of bad weather and being cream-crackered meant that apart from daily checking on the greenhouse, I've done no gardening at all this week.  Friday held promise with a dry forecast and LP came in to try and make progress on the "problem area" behind the Big Pond.  Last week he made a start on larch slab edging to divide what will be lawn from shrub/perennial planting.  Unfortunately, it didn't take long this morning to discover that 45mm of rain so far this month has left the soil far too claggy to work on.

Bag End never fails to supply a Plan B when needed. 

We had some steel sheeting left over from earlier construction and had planned to use it for future compost bins.  However, the log store needed a new roof and the steel was already cut to exactly the right size.  Once the old roof felt was off I found the feather-edge boards were not rotted so all we had to do was screw down some battens and then it didn't take long to put the steel cladding on.  Still need to organise guttering but it looks much smarter than before and should last considerably longer!

     The front needs finishing off properly but this will keep the rain out for now

Although the soil is too wet for proper digging we moved numerous clumps of self-heal and I'm going to try them as ground cover under the laurel hedge behind the bog bed.

Despite this being one of the wettest and coldest summers I can remember, the tomatoes are finally trying to grow so I couldn't put off assembling sturdy supports in greenhouse.

     Missing from this picture are the long bamboo canes which go all the way to the A-frame horizontals

     My cunning plan to make easily removable greenhouse staging seems to be working :}

There was much tying in clematis & honeysuckle around the cottage garden and we've cut some 8mm re-bar which, when painted, will make a sturdy support against the arbour for a climbing rose.

Keith has come in between showers and made a brilliant start on the frame for a deck which will be located next to the big pond.


  1. Gosh, doesn't EVERYone have some ready-cut steel roofing laying around just waiting for a project? Good job on the woodshed roof.

    Honestly, though, I'm going to come over and take away your TARDIS typewriter!! Normal readers expect LINEAR posts. I'm feeling timeshock this morning (IS it morning???). :-P


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