Friday, 27 July 2012


It's rained nearly every day, the ground has been too wet to work and I've been too tired to care.

Had a lovely trip to the other side of the county and met Country Bumpkin's new puppy, Breeze, and brought home more of the super blue geranium which she has given me before.

Breeze is an absolute darling; her current future career choice seems to be Under Gardener if the chaos she is causing in the flower beds is anything to go by!

Keith made more progress welding the frame for our pond decking and on Friday managed to get all the holes dug for the legs.

The warm, wet weather is perfect for weeds and the bog bed behind the Top Pond is in danger of going feral.  I managed to get a small part of it completely weeded but endless interruptions means I haven't got very far.


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    1. Thanks Sue, I know it looks massive laying out on the grass but it's to scale for where it is going. (To give you an idea of size, those 'squares' are approximately 4 foot)

  2. To be honest Bilbo, this has not been the best year for gardens (at least on this side of the Pennines). I think the best we can do is to make the best of things and look forward to next year.

    1. Absolutely right Weaver, I'm already thinking of seeds which can be sown now for next year:}

  3. I think Breeze is intending to be head gardener and she is very willing to do contract work if you want a hand! Thanks for the pics and Shaun the Sheep (who is a bit less tidy than he was!)

    1. Morning CB, lovely visit, hope you back is feeling considerably better than it was. So Shaun got shorn? Isn't that what happens to sheep at this time of year?


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