Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The birds who visit our garden each day are very important to us so it's daft that I haven't been photographing them much.  Even more daft given that I recently took a deep breath and bought a new zoom lens*.

Loads of baby birds at present including, thankfully, one of our pheasant with two youngsters.  There were three but last week I found the body of one near the log store.  No marks on him, no idea what caused his demise, very sad.  We haven't seen any of the other female pheasant which concerned us but our gamekeeper friend says not to worry and that there is loads of food in the fields this summer.


Mum seemed relaxed enough to take a moment to settle down in the rare sunshine and leave the two kids scratching around in bark chips.

* yes James, it is white and has a smart red ring around the end!


  1. I grew up in a rural area and the surrounding unmown fields were rife with pheasants. I miss their calls. Looks like your wood chips are getting raves from the local fauna.

  2. The birds seem to think it's Disneyland around here but they certainly seem to keep the slugs down.

  3. Damn! White is it? As I'm just beginning to understand this kind of stuff myself I was wondering how many mm it was as I find even with the 300mm lens I still have to practically get on top of a bird to get a decent photo! Bugs are easier!

    I love the young pheasants here and the woodpeckers.

    1. Morning MMM. I've found with the new lens (f/2.8, 70-200 as you were wondering) that the image quality is so good I can crop hard to get the image I want. Those woodpecker pictures have been cropped very tightly (and I was using a tripod which makes a huge difference)


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