Sunday, 22 July 2012

Baby Tiggywinkle

The primary reason for acquiring Miss Daisy was to use as a garden tractor but she's really a ride-on lawnmower.  To my surprise, I've found that cutting grass with her is rather fun and therefore it didn't take much for me to find 'extra' grass to cut once the Bag End lawns are done.  Opposite the house is a wide roadside verge which Cumbria Highways have stopped cutting.  Apart from the fact it looks a hell of a mess and was used by some local gits as a dog toilet, the long grass wasn't helping vehicle visibility.  I've been cutting the grass all season and neighbours seem to approve.  I tell them I am doing my bit for Mr Cameron's Big Society and they're just not sure if I am joking or not.  It does, however, confirm the local suspicion that I am quite mad, a rumour which I do nothing to dispel (believe me, you can get away with far, far more if people think you are bonkers!)

Anyhow, my mental state notwithstanding, I drop the grass cuttings in a pile at the back of the verge and once they've rotted LP and I will spread them around to fill in ruts caused by hedge-cutting tractors.  I was reversing up to empty the grass box when I saw a small hedgehog sleeping in some dry grass.  Only inches from a road and in danger of being run over by me I decided relocation was the order of the day. Rolling over in his sleep could have had him tumbling onto tarmac.  The speed limit along here might be 30mph but try telling that to some of the locals ... left alone the little one had a good chance of being squashed.  Moved he could make his own mind up about whether to take local gardens as his territory or go back to where I'd disturbed him.

He was popped in a bucket for safe transportation whilst I made a waterproof shelter under one of the IBC tanks.  This tank doesn't overflow and it is dry and sheltered underneath.

Although the cat food I left out didn't appear to have been touched, the following morning Tiggywinkle had moved on (leaving a cute round depression in the bed of dried leaves I'd created) and I have since found tell-tale hedgehog poo in the garden on a couple of occasions.


  1. Hobbit to the rescue! I hope the poo indicates Tiggywinkle has found a home at Bag End. *sigh* Lucky you - pheasants, hedgehogs, woodpeckers. Sure you don't want deer???

  2. You're very kind Kris, and thanks for the offer, but no thanks!

    1. Has Tiggywinkle made itself at home? Or has it departed for other, less active, gardens?

    2. Kris, cannot really say but I occasionally spot what I believe to be Hedgehog poo so hopefully he/she stayed. There's plenty of food here, shelter and no chemicals - what's not to stay for?


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