Thursday, 28 June 2012

Whatever the weather

A couple of hours cutting logs to fill the time before a long-awaited delivery. In defence of Cumbria Turf, we haven't had to wait for THEM, the waiting was caused by how long it has taken us to get the ground around our top pond ready.

When turf is booked to arrive, turf is booked to arrive regardless of the weather. Whilst we did not have the thunderstorms and torrential rain that hit much of the country today we did have steady rain, on and off, all day. LP stayed dry under full waterproofs, I got thoroughly soaked twice (had a complete change of clothes at lunchtime) but it didn't matter. It wasn't cold and from the point of view of the turf, it's probably the best weather we could have had!

     Last minute raking and preparation

Miss Daisy was an invaluable member of the team because moving 60 m2 of heavy, freshly cut, wet turf by wheelbarrow would not have been pleasant. The poor girl got wetter than she's ever been despite being hastily covered when not in use. She was put to bed in her little house after a thorough hosing down and has been promised a proper clean and polish when the sun comes out ☺

    Rain coming down as stair-rods

Still raining, raining so hard that the pond surface looked like it was bubbling in places

I am now walking around pinching myself – is this real, is this my garden, what is this neat and tidy green stuff? A little more work to do; the edge next to the willow needs straightening up and I really must stop prevaricating and do the front edge of the pond (but I now know how I am going to finish it) and make a small path.

But for now, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy looking at it (when the rain stops).


  1. Oh wow, doesn't new turf make such and instant and fantastic impact. It suddenly looks finished and very very good.

    1. Thanks Ali, we're delighted with it and a month on, everything has knitted together and greened up nicely :}


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