Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wet Wednesday

Raining most of the day but LP was not deterred and we made good use of the covered area. Although it has always been our intention that he only does work which I can't manage, today was spent helping me fill the log store. In order to get the area around the shed tidy so we can make progress with our plans for a small 'allotment' the timber needs logging and moving.

This pallet started off covered in large logs. All chainsawed down to the same size and then split & stacked.


We didn't get through as much wood last winter as we expected, but the wood-burner is being used once or twice a week this summer and it is always a great feeling to look at the store and know there is a few month's worth of wood ready to be brought indoors.

Continuing in 'tidy up' mode, I've got the horrible concrete plinth at the back of the house clear of nearly everything which has collected on it. The long-term plan is to remove all the concrete and create a big bed in which I can plant roses, ivy, climbing hydrangea and any other wall-covering shrub I can think of which won't mind being north facing.

We also took the time to cut steel and MDPE pipe to make the fruit cages in the potager, the rain ensured that we couldn't install them.


  1. You are a glutton for punishment, I hope you're going to get some men in with some decent equipment to get rid of the concrete! Would it not be easier to build a raised bed in front of the wall and put in an automatic watering system?

    1. I don't know about 'some men' but LP is up for the task :} We'll hire a Kango or similar drill for him to make it easier. Leaving it is not an option - apart from the fact it is cracked, uneven and horrid, I want to plant climbers that have deep roots.


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