Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rudimentary carpentry

My woodworking skills are limited, and that's putting it mildly.  I might be able to finesse nearly perfect seams with fabric but pinpoint accuracy with timber is a skill that completely eludes me.  I can, however, knock up fairly rudimentary structures that are quite adequate for their purpose in the garden.

Remember the fence posts which LP put at the back of the house last month?

A couple of sessions with a big saw and electric screwdriver and we have trellis.

A bonus is that I've got a new place to store timber which means I can get to the messy pile of logs and at some point during the summer (assuming we get one) start cutting them up to refill the log store.

Finally got round to making gallows  brackets to support some shade netting in the nursery.  The plants were all getting a roasting from the sun and it dawned on me that if commercial nurseries can shade their growing areas then why can't I?  Of course, I didn't plan it very well and ran out of net curtain wire so more fixing is required and the ends need much tidying up but it will do for now.

I'm hoping to raise dozens of hardy perennials this year and they need all the protection I can give them.  Not sure if the net will have to come down in winter.  We don't tend to get much snow, the weight of which would be an issue, but it would be a bonus if we can secure the net so it provides a bit of shelter from rain and wind.


  1. Nothing rudimentary about that carpentry, I'm very impressed!

    1. SewAli, very kind of you to say so but you haven't seen it up close. Compared to the wonderful decking your OH built it is really very rough :}

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Sue, honestly :} Despite all the rain we have had this summer we also get a lot of sun - we have our own little micro-climate here and it's regularly nice and sunny when the fells, only 6 miles away, have their tops in cloud

  3. "Gallows" brackets? How foreboding! LOL But effective nonetheless. Half the time we are looking for light and sun, the other half draping shade cloth and sheers. Good job you on the so-called rudimentary carpentry on your new trellis. Looks sturdy enough to hold up a strangler fig let alone the aggressive rose or two. I like it's been blackened - very dramatic.

    1. Thanks Kris, you are right, gardeners always want to change things whether it is more rain, less rain, more sun, less sun :}


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