Sunday, 3 June 2012

NGS Garden Visits, Gilgarran and Portinscale

Two years ago, three gardens opened in Gilgarran.  I managed no photos of the third (and best) because the heavens opened as I arrived, this year I went to that one first ☺   No rain but it was cold and dull so not as many photos as there might have been.


A plantsman's paradise, this garden is stuffed full of strong, healthy plants which are well suited to their environment.   Candelabra primulas self-seeding like weeds (with surplus for sale, yes, some came home to Bag End), beautiful pond, Himalayan poppies thriving, what's not to like?  A garden I could quite happily get lost in for hours.

I've always disliked Euphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow'.  Perhaps I have only seen poor specimens in the wrong setting - this was goregeous and if I can grow it like this, deserves a place at Bag End

I didn't take photos of the other gardens, two from previously and one new one.  The two I'd seen before hadn't changed enough to warrant pictures and in the third, the owners walked around with me and it would have felt awkward to get the camera out.

Then off to High Moss in Portinscale, a well known Arts & Crafts house which had opened its 4½ acre garden.  No photos here because there was nothing which inspired me to take pictures - lots of empty space combined with poor growth due to the dreadfully cold Spring. 

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