Sunday, 17 June 2012

NGS Garden Visit: Spooney Green, Keswick

Getting there was a struggle but if I had known what I was going to find I would have been less frustrated, I do wonder how many visitors who didn't know their way round Keswick gave up and went somewhere else. I probably shouldn't mention the ***** (heavy dose of self-censorship, expletive deleted) who closed the access roads to this secluded garden in order that a bunch of runners could barge their way down a muddy track. Especially when these runners did their very best NOT to get out of anyone's way. I ought not to vent publicly about the elderly couple who had the audacity to want to visit a garden open for charity and were almost knocked to the ground as some mud-splattered, selfish b*stard barged into the gentleman. I will, however, mention the disgusting quantity of litter these runners left in their wake – after they had passed through, Spooney Green Lane was covered in discarded drinks/water bottles. Bet the organisers who were so bloody officious that they refused to allow a car with a prominent disabled badge up the lane didn't trouble themselves to collect all the rubbish. If anyone from the The Karrimor Great Trail Challenge is reading this, you're a bunch of miserable ***** (more self-censorship, my edit button is unused to this much exercise).

Anti-social behaviour in the name of sport notwithstanding, this garden is a gem; it is a delicious, beautiful, sumptuous riot of planting; there are sublime views in every direction; it is a delight of surprises with paths twisting and turning around ponds and a stream; it made me smile, slow down and relax – I didn't want to leave; this is, simply, one of the loveliest gardens I have had the privilege of wandering through.

12 years ago the owners lived in a flat, they had never had a chance to garden. In just over a decade they have turned a sloping field into this:

Water lilies with leaves the size of dinner plates, Northern Marsh Orchids and a magnificent willow fedge.

Acers without a shred of wind damage at the head of a stream fed directly from the fells which runs through the garden.

If there could be one thing better than spending hours wandering around the garden it would be to wake up in it.  The owners run a B&B where the food miles for your breakfast eggs will be about 20 metres and the honey for your toast will have travelled less than 100 metres

Spooney Green Bed & Breakfast 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous ,,, thanks for the B&B link too. Much sympathy for daring to be an interference to the race. We were held up the same way yesterday trying to get to Jane's as our route coincided with a 'race'!

    1. Jill, think you'd love it, perhaps you should start planning your next visit? About time you caught up on developments at Bag End :}

  2. *sob* Stop, stop. You're breaking my heart. *sniffle* It's all so lush and gorgeous.

    1. This is as close as you've ever seen to how I'd like to think Bag End might be at some point in the distant future :} Ambitious? Yes, but we all need something to aim for.


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