Sunday, 17 June 2012

NGS Garden Visit: Quarry Hill House

Opening on the same day as Spooney Green, this garden didn't stand a chance.  Don't get the wrong idea, it is an amazing place in a fabulous location but compared to my morning visit, it came off a poor second. Quarry Hill House is a typical large Georgian house in rolling countryside north of Blencathra.  Apparently set in just 3 acres which seem like much more, even the gardener to whom I spoke referred to it as a “small estate”.

When you learn that the “cottage and barn” have been renovated by their son-in-law and is now home to their daughter, SIL and 3 grandkids, plus the SIL's sister lives in the courtyard flat you get the idea … 

Since 2000 the owners have planted hundreds of trees and shrubs creating a small arboretum, restored ponds and like all gardeners in this part of the country, lost many new plantings to the wind.

Herbaceous border in the vegetable garden with a lovely Plume thistle, Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum'

Cold frame envy ☺

Even though it is not “my sort of garden” I was really glad to have made the effort to visit (partly for the stupendous views towards Dash Falls and Back O'Skiddaw on the drive across) and because I was able to buy some excellent little plants raised by their part-time gardener.  Lots of Verbena Bonariensis which I didn't get round to raising myself this year, some Iris Sibireca to go near the top pond and a couple of purple-leaved Oxalis triangularis which are a stupid (but beautiful) indulgence this far north and will have to live in pots and come into the greenhouse over winter.


  1. "stupid oxalis" ? I thought they were too, until a batch of corms got mixed into some potting mix a couple of years ago and got planted out along with some geraniums. Those corms have survived our Ohio winters in the ground and bloom every year (last year's abundant rain, this year's lack of it). They've turned out to be tough little buggers and have won my heart.

  2. I wasn't accusing the Oxalis of being intellectually challenged. I think there are some which would survive outside up here but the purple one is very borderline.


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