Thursday, 21 June 2012

New door

I have hated our front door ever since we moved to Bag End.  Its horrible white UPVC-ness could not be forgiven, but it could at least be mostly ignored. What couldn't be ignored was the stupidity of whoever fitted the door and put the hinges on the wrong side.  This means that all going in and out, especially when carrying anything, required negotiating the narrow space between the door and wall, rather than being able to move through what is a fairly large entrance room.

     The trim hasn't always been broken off, we did that to ensure the new door was the right size for the opening.

After eons* of dithering about and doing other things we finally bit the bullet, closed our eyes at the quote, and signed up for what I have always wanted.  A stable door might be something of a Country Living-inspired fantasy image and not normally what is found on a 1960's bungalow, but it looks utterly gorgeous and suits us and suits how we live which tends to be all doors and windows open unless it's pouring or blowing a gale.

    The lovely piece of Coniston slate which is our new doorstep makes the other step look terribly shabby :} and we must change the outside light 

When the top is closed I see our lovely Acer 'Crimson King' rather than nine horrid pieces of "privacy glass".  

And now we can get on with the long-awaited total refurbishment of the entrance room, move the sink **, fit a toilet *** and generally improve every aspect of what should be a lovely space and has, up to now, been a complete hole.

* OK, not eons, just four years which have felt like eons

** yes, that would be the sink we put in a little under four years ago and is now in the wrong place, but hey, it's been damn useful for nearly 48 months.

*** no more having to go to the other end of the house for a pee when in filthy gardening clothes


  1. Oh what a lovely lovely door! And the view from the window out to your Acer is delightful. Looking forward to details about the sink et al. I've always wished there were a lavatory in the garage as otherwise I must traipse through the kitchen & dining room to get to the loo. We gardeners are a messy lot, no? LOL

    1. Glad you like the door Kris, just wish we had the weather to leave the top open.

  2. Love it! My Jane has a stable door on her kitchen and the top half is usually open, if the bottom half is open the guinea pigs wander in!

    1. Guinea pigs - well of course they would .... at least it's not chickens. A friend has a stable door and the chickens fly up and sit on the bottom half when the top is open.

  3. Oh yes, that's gorgeous. And you've discovered the same downside to putting in a new door that we did, everything else around it looks shabby in comparison!

    1. Hi SewAli, thanks for all the comments (you're having a good catch-up, aren't you :} ?) Not only does it make the rest of the room look even worse than it already did, but it makes the adjacent bay window look horrible ....


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