Friday, 15 June 2012

Letting the light in

A David Austin rose, Abraham Darby, is patiently waiting to get into the soil and start climbing.  This morning LP dug over a small bed in front of my new trellis and it became quickly apparent that this area needed some assistance.  The soil was surprisingly dry and out-of-control plants in the one-day-to-be-removed-shrubbery were casting far too much shade.

Out with the chainsaw, and half an hour later we had a lovely light space and a big pile of cotoneaster.  LP has a shredder which is much beefier than ours and it didn't take long to dispose of all the rubbish leaving a few larger logs either for firewood or edging a bed.

Not content with one transformation we moved a whole bulk bag of limestone chips.  Miss Daisy was put to good use towing six buckets of stone at a time.  Black membrane and a couple of inches in the bottom of the cold frame followed by a much needed top-up in the greenhouse (I've been burgling the stone from the greenhouse for various projects).

The cold frame isn't perfect but had to be made this size to suit the double glazed units that were laying around.  Having the front as high as the back means I'll get more shade but that might not be a problem because of the way the frame is oriented ... time will tell.

That only used up half a bag so the remainder was spread over the floor of Miss Daisy's shed which has given us a lovely surface to park on.  Aren't photos interesting?  I've never noticed all those marks on the back of the shed (which is now the inside of Chèz Daisy).  Doesn't matter because it time I'll be painting that wall white but you know that in the morning I'll be out there looking at the timber to work out what caused the mess :}

Unfortunately no photos, but we used the Sherpa to sieve a load more soil which is going to be spread under the turf when the top pond gets a grassy surround.

Happy Hobbit because we've achieved loads in two days this week and it started raining as we were packing up which is just what the garden needed. 


  1. I've told you not to stack up your posts! How is your adoring public supposed to coo at the wonders of Bag End when you whack three or four 'changing the face of the world' posts in such short order? {*grin}

    Love the pics of the greenhouse floor & coldframe - I love chippings, they make everywhere look so neat. Perhaps I was a Japanese gardener in a previous life, raking gravel to reflect the order of the world, or somesuch.

    Sadly, the 7 tonnes of chippings on the driveway we had to 'top up' a few years ago have been either crushed to non-existance by heavy plant associated with various 'works', or burgled by me for drainage for pots over the years - and now I continue to burgle the chippings for my tomato buckets knowing that The Plan includes a drive relaying/refurbishment once funds allow.

    1. Hazel - stacking up posts: sorry, Kris has already beaten me up. But you also know that blogging has to be done when time, photos and inclination allow!

      I too was a Japanese gardener in a previous incarnation. Google "karesansui" ... keep you amused for hours :} Glad I am not the only one who burgles chippings from one part of the garden to use in another.

  2. At first glance I thought you had varpeted the greenhouse! PS Glad Martyn hasn't access to a chain saw!

    1. Not such a silly idea Sue, I have (almost) carpeted the shed with old rugs and offcuts ...

  3. I imagine the limestone allows for really good drainage under soil and/or pots. Yet another 'professional' feature at Bag End.

    Look, I don't much cotton with an afterlife, but now I'm setting my hat on re-incarnation so I can come back as a single British woman in the future after you've gone on to the big garden in the sky. I'll snap up Bag End, move in, and live like a country Lady of leisure. Lord knows YOU'RE not doing any leisure-ing over there and I feel I could make a good contribution in that regard. No question. ;-D

    1. Good idea Kris, Bag End will need a caring custodian in about 50 years (I don't plan on being finished with it much sooner).

  4. Ey up Bilbo, sorry about the recent lack of contact - not a deliberate slur against you I promise....just life getting in the way! I'm still hobbling and having to be very careful with my knee, so it's perhaps as well that it's bucketed it down endlessly (or at least it seems like it!) since we came to see you!

    Glad to see your hard work has continued chez Bag End, but I could seriously do with you here for a few days now to make up for my enforced inaction!!! :-)


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