Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Just a normal Bag End Tuesday

I know, I'm about 2 weeks behind with Bag End bulletins, I've been busy, I'll catch up eventually :}

The Plan:

The Actual:

Steel  =  ✔   painted.  Keith has been round and done some measuring and setting out prior to starting on the  deck area for the Big Pond.  Arc welding and rain are not a good mix so nothing is actually happening, but at least it feels like we might make some progress – one day :}

Pond Bed =  ✔   weeded.  Of course, just “weeding” wouldn't be enough.  The job took the best part of half a day.  The birds keep throwing compost onto the slate stepping stones and making it hard to walk next to the back of the pond so I've put some timber down to try and stop them.  It makes a sort of mini terracing and I'm really pleased with the look.


Also spent ages sorting out the bark path under the bird feeders.  Sunflower seed falling out of the feeders and onto the bark has been getting wet and nasty so everything got pulled up and put in the compost bins and I have re-done the whole area.  Empty hanging baskets are now catching all the chaff and general detritus and we'll see how that works.

It might also be time to start to look seriously at a proper macro lens for flower close-ups.  This lovely geranium was a cast-off from Country Bumpkin's garden last autumn and has split into multiple small plants which are growing like crazy.  I thought it was Johnson's Blue but the foliage is wrong, who cares, it's the most beautiful colour and looks great at the back of the pond bed.

Post Box  =  ✔   fixed to wall

Coffee – a relaxing and unexpected hour with friends.

Pony poo – seven buckets transferred from the drive to the compost bins.  With the recent deluge our friends' field was too wet to leave the horses out = five stables to muck out each day.

Mini Meadow – rain stopped play

Tomato plants – only managed to do a couple of tomatoes and a couple of chilli plants before I got too tired to do more … but it was still a successful and lovely day.


  1. Glad to hear from you. Was wondering. Looks like you've been up to the usual Hobbit activities.

    1. FFG, sorry to take such an age to reply. All well here and as busy as usual. Too tired at the end of most days to blog properly so I dump the photos in a folder, make some notes in a text document, and then it all piles up until either I feel like being online for a couple of hours or the rain drives me indoors!

  2. It sounds like a busy life at Bag End.

    I`m tempted to get a macro lens too. I love taking photographs of flowers and insects, but it`s very hit and miss with my current point and shoot camera.

    1. DW, I was seriously considering dropping about 700 squid on a Canon macro lens until the 'Barn Owl' incident. Since then Management persuaded me to buy an in pocket all the time compact and after hours (days!) of research I chose a Panasonic TZ25 which is not the most recent model, BUT, has less shutter lag and much better image quality than the latest (which has GPS and various bells & whistles I didn't need).

      The image quality is frighteningly good for such a little camera (Leica glass) and the close-ups posted on 13th July (Weather Woes) were taken with the macro feature. Detailed review here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-zs15-tz25

  3. I'll be digging up more blue geranium before too long if you want any - let me know. I hate throwing plants out!

    1. Thanks CB, and it has taken me so long to respond to these comments that the aforementioned blue geranium is now sitting in my wheelbarrow :} Many thanks.


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