Saturday, 30 June 2012

Change of Plan

Bag End and I are blessed to have an almost unlimited supply of pony poo. Once rotted down it makes the best garden compost and whilst our soil is excellent to start with, you can never add too much home-made black gold. Although there are not many gardeners who would kill for such a supply, I know one or two who'd cheerfully give up their first-born for this bounty.

The only downside is that the muck has to be stored somewhere whilst it rots. Taking the pony poo up to our compost bins means getting Miss Daisy out and sometimes I just don't want to do that. There's also the issue of lifting six large buckets of muck out of the green trolley and emptying them into the bins and my back and shoulders have started asking for an alternative.  I had planned to go garden visiting this afternoon, but with Management's help, some ground clearing and destruction was a better use of the time :}

A little corner of Bag End which has never featured in its own right is a square-ish bed at the bottom of the drive.

A previous owner had this 'landscaped' and we are left with a mess of overgrown evergreens, most of which have passed their sell-by date and a huge forsythia which has to rate very highly on any list of plants I actively dislike.

2½ hours on Saturday afternoon with Management and all of a sudden there's a huge pile for LP to shred next week ☺ and a few large shrub roots for him to hack out. We're going to set up a semi-temporary area which I can use as a stack heap. It's accessible and it'll be much easier to offload the muck out of our friends' trailer directly to where it is going to stay until rotted.

We do have 'proper' plans for this corner but it will be at least couple of years before we're ready to put them into place, so for now, this little area can start to make itself useful.

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