Thursday, 14 June 2012

All things come to those who wait

Only I didn't expect to have to wait quite so long :}  Actually, now I've been and checked the waiting time for a cold frame has not been as long as I thought - the blocks were delivered in March 2011, only 15 months ago which is nothing considering how long some jobs take around here!

It has been two weeks since LP was able to come and help and when he arrived today he wanted to make progress on the ground around the top pond; I had other ideas.  It didn't take too long to finish removing the soil from next to the greenhouse.  At the end of March last year this was turf stripped off the middle bed in the cottage garden.  The 'turf' is now lovely, crumbly loam and has been sieved through The Sherpa.  It's going on top of the pond area and will make a lovely surface for the new turf to bed onto.

Sorting out a level base for the blocks took longer than expected and at Bag End nothing is simple.  The steel frame which the greenhouse sits on has been concreted into the ground and of course those solid lumps were a bit in the way of where LP wanted to work. We ran out of blocks before we got to the end of the greenhouse so have done a temporary end.  This will do fine for the summer and hopefully we can finish the end properly before winter.

Tomorrow I've got more limestone chippings coming and once we have a layer at the bottom of the cold frame I can start to fill it up - bet that won't take long!

When I wasn't helping LP I tidied up around the log store and made another small bit of trellis.


  1. Oh just stop stop stop! You are posting faster than I can read them!! Nothing for days and them WHAMMO you go into overdrive. Cool your jets, I'm reading as fast as I can.... LOL

    1. Sarcasm? SARCASM? Is that lip? LOL

      Lookit you go with that trellis design (which I like a lot).

      As for the cold frame, I was confused that it was not canted toward the low southern sun to gather more warmth. Could you not just remove a row or two from the outside wall, then tilt the glass that way? You could use some mortar to made a stop ledge along that side and then fill in the 'steps' on the 2 short end. Oh, sorry-sorry. Like you've not already gone through all your options, I'm sure. Just my 2 cents worth. (which is worth prolly nada in Euros. *heh*)

    2. Thanks for the two cents :} The cold frame runs north to south so the only bit that will be in full shade is right under the waterbutt and some seedlings might prefer that. it's all experimental at present which is why nothing is mortared in, the glass is left-over double-glazing units but they are already proving heavy and awkward to move. Eventually I know this will all be changed but for now it's much better than not having anything and is already full of seed trays.

  2. So is the shading on the greenhouse because you are having so much sun?

    Our shading is natural provided by the grapevine.

    1. Sue, I know it seems difficult to believe but last month the greenhouse was regularly hitting nearly 100 degrees in the sun . . . A grapevine would be nice though.


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