Thursday, 31 May 2012

Nice weather for ducks

It started raining sometime during Wednesday night and carried on all day.  Lovely 'gardener's rain", soft, steady, everything good a thoroughly good soak without any battering and the water-butts are full again.  About time too, after the scorching temperatures of the previous week the plants badly needed a good drink and the top pond had lost over an inch to evaporation.

Over ¼" rain meant I caught up on all the laundry, nearly all the ironing, defrosted one of the freezers and achieved a worrying amount of cleaning accompanied by furniture moving.

In the greenhouse I've spent hours pricking out newly germinated seedlings.  After much debate-with-self  I bought these 35-cell trays from the wholesale side of LBS.  They are brilliant - much deeper than those normally available and as a bonus, fit into the mushroom boxes which makes carrying them around a doddle.

The shade netting is been great and makes a huge difference.  Trying not to feel glum about how late everything is.  I made a deliberate decision not to sow seeds too early but coupled with how cold it has been, everything is ridiculously small for the time of year. Perhaps I should have started things earlier?  I see pictures online of tomato plants that are nearly in flower yet mine are only a few inches tall, hey ho, perhaps one year I'll get the balance right.

Continuing to try to empty the nursery area - watering has been a chore the last few days.  

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