Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mud, mud, glorious mud

And not just mud, but pond sludge, duckweed, oxygenator, taddies, snails, a couple of leeches and goodness knows what else.

A neighbour offered us as many buckets of 'stuff' as we wanted providing we took as much duckweed as possible with us, didn't need asking twice!

The crystal clear water in the small pond (Cottage Garden) is now brown and sludgy and the nearly clear water in the top pond (outside kitchen) is all churned up and mucky again.

Both ponds look infinitely better for the additions and there's a good chance I can go back again in a couple of weeks and get more duckweed if I ask nicely :}


  1. Pics 3 & 4 are wonderful & give us a proper idea of how things are 'bedding down' at Bag End.

    Can't quite squint at what's growing in the raised beds? I know you have had non-edible squatters in the potager over winter - do tell me you can bung in a few spuds (even now), or spread a little lettuce and a row or two of parsnip and carrot in there....?

  2. Sorry Hazel, veggies have pretty much been given the heave-ho for now. They require more time and attention (and space) than I can spare at present but There Are Plans to rectify that in future years.

    The plants you can just about see in the raised beds are the autumn raspberries which went in last year and the rest of the beds now have other fruit bushes, they only went in a couple of days ago and I am behind on updating TVF.

  3. Instead of duckweed, my pond was covered with azola. Just one bucketful (overwintered in the basement) each spring produced enough to keep the 7x5 foot pond covered all summer with frequent harvests going to the compost piles. You're going to be up to your whatsit in duckweed in no time. The pond life will appreciate the shade and you will get much less algae.

    The ponds are looking fab!

    1. Hi Kris, I like your idea of overwintering some pond weed in a bucket - might try that in the greenhouse this year.

  4. The ponds are looking as though they have been there for years :-)

    Just back from a scorching week on the kintyre Peninsula ,,, the garden there looked out over a sparkling Loch Stornaway towards the islands of Gigha, Islay and Jura ,,, I liked very much!

    1. Hi Jill, what a lovely place to spend a weekend. In weather like this those islands are quite breathtaking.


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