Thursday, 24 May 2012


We bask in an unaccustomed heatwave, no clouds, no wind, no rain, the lack of shade trees very evident.  Plants have started growing, new plants need watering, the pond is alive with little unidentified creatures darting over the surface.  A very busy week here, LP worked 3½ days and a huge amount was accomplished.  I don't know whether he can keep up this pace for much longer but I sure as heck know that I can't.

Mid-week, the progress looked like this:-

The bog bed needs more plants, needs some shrubs/evergreens to give structure during winter and basically just needs time to grow and settle but I've put everything into the ground that I have.  Big panorama photo that will open large when clicked.   Friends might remember that three years ago we had a kingfisher in the garden.  Sadly she was injured and did not survive despite my taking her to a wildlife sanctuary but it proves these lovely birds fly over the garden.  Management asked for a 'kingfisher stick' above the pond but so far the only birds seen on it are blue tits and blackies :}

Despite the heat it has been LP's week for doing a huge amount of digging.  A mark of how hot it is has been his acceptance that taking a large garden parasol and moving it around so he's standing in the shade would be a good idea!  He roughed over another small area on the edge of the Coppice:

There's a sliver of ground between the willow fedge and where the path will be, this is a good place for the orchids.  I'll add some 'meadow' type seeds and hopefully create a safe area where I grow add Snake's Head Fritillary and so on.

The pallets and stones in front of the pond have all been moved (but only to behind the bench so they're accessible for the stream).  Management heard about a local company, Cumbrian Turf, and after working in the next village they popped in to measure the area around the pond.  A sample roll of turf was left which I have 'planted' and we're stunned - it is truly the best quality grass we have ever seen and everyone else who has visited says the same.  Add to that a quote which is lower (per roll) than the cheapest online turf and it's a no-brainer.

LP is busy preparing the ground and maybe in a week or so we can have an instant makeover!

Greenhouse shading - doesn't look as messy in real life as the photo would imply.  More than a little fiddly to (single handedly) stitch five lengths of windbreak together using plastic string and hoist the resulting sail over the greenhouse roof (using brooms and a long bit of wood with a hook on the end!)  I'd like to think that in future years I would make something neater that isn't held on with clothes pegs but we all know that isn't going to happen!

What has happened, however, is that the greenhouse has been transformed from a blazing inferno to a pleasant shady place that's at least ten degrees cooler than it was.  

After far too long all the fruit bushes are now in the Potager.  Is it still a potager with no veggies?   Plans afoot for cages to protect the fruit because without 100% netting coverage the birds won't leave a single berry for us.

Here's a view you don't get very often - the path leading to the log store, shed, messy dumping ground for timber and supplies . . .

A home-made trellis is going to divide this space, break up the view, and when we eventually get the shrubbery cleared I've got all sorts of happy plans for this space!

A huge amount has been achieved and, with a couple of exceptions, most areas of the garden are looking semi-presentable and under control.  After four years of living in Fangorn Forest/a construction site/a complete and total bloody mess I badly need this order and structure.  I also need a rest so for those friends who joke and mutter about me doing too much - yes, you're right, all of you, and I am going to slow down soon.  Stop laughing at the back, I can see you, I know who you are  ☺


  1. How can you possibly see me? I'm hiding behind the sofa to snigger.

  2. Couldn't comment sooner. *gulp* Had to catch my breath... *snigger*

    Nice netting with the shade house. I use lots of spring clamps and clothes pegs around here. They are invaluable.

    Everything is looking quite trim. Order out of chaos indeed. Good job, old girl.

    1. Evening Kris, the shade netting has already worked brilliantly. The greenhouse temp is at least ten degrees cooler and the clothes pegs held during a stiff breeze over the weekend. Thanks for the kind words (as always ☺)

  3. Wow you have some lovely views there and what a neat fruit area!

    I absolutely love your log edging to the woodlandy garden bit. I might steal that idea as I keep planting out odd shrubs that I don't know what to do with (i.e. dogwoods and things that cope with some shade and being swamped by paddock grass and god knows what) into my woodland edges but thinking it could do with a bit of taming in one area, and that might be a good way to define it from the really wild bit!

    1. Hello MMM, thanks for coming over :}

      We've used lumps of wood to edge beds for as long as I can remember. I like the look, it provides extra wildlife habitat and has proved easy to move if (when) I want to destroy more lawn and make the beds bigger. Sure, it will rot in time but can always be replaced. Look forward to seeing how you utilise it.


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