Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another milestone

It often seems that the more momentous the achievement in the garden, the less there is to say about it :}  Today's milestone was moving what must have been tons of soil behind the top pond and the start of a large bed, some of which has punctured plastic at the bottom of it to make it a bit boggy. LP summed up the work perfectly at the end of the day when he said "we've brought the pond into the garden, rather than it just sitting on its own".  I love the fact he said "we".  There was very little "we" today, 90% was definitely "he" whilst I stood around, made decisions, made tea, chatted to visitors*.

After a couple of hours first thing messing around with fence posts, LP set to digging out half of the soil behind the pond.  Only half so that we had somewhere to work, the back half of the bed will be dug over next week.  The soil is lovely - surprisingly uncompacted it comprises black, crumbly loam and there were far more worms than expected.  Punctured pond liner and plastic feed sacks went into the bottom of the hole, and then most of the soil was piled back on top.

I say "most" because we've used the digging as an opportunity to change the ground level a little.  This has enabled us to lower the back edge of the pond and although it's difficult to see in the photos, it really makes a huge difference.  The two biggest stones got pushed right back to the liner and I've been able to put some slate in front of them.  The water level above the slate will only be an inch of two; in the little pond (at the front) a similar area is the favourite bathing spot for all the birds and I hope this one will be the same.

We can never make the ground completely level and I was concerned about soil washing down into the pond over time.  LP had the idea of using soil-filled sandbags to reinforce the edge.  The pond liner is under the bags and I will plant into them, the theory being that by the time the hessian rots** that plant roots will have stabilised the soil.

The pond has also got to look good from the kitchen window seeing as that's where we view it from the most.

* Bag End seems to be visitor magnet at present.  It's very nice that friends just drop in when they are passing but I am not used to being so popular. Every day this week I've had 2 or 3 folk turn up in the afternoon, must get more tea bags!

**  or the birds pull all of it away to use as nesting material 


  1. Wow, that's looking amazing Bilbo!

    1. Thanks SewAli, still a long way to go, but like your lovely kitchen, it is worth waiting for!

  2. I agree with sewali ,,, it's gonna look fabulous! If we didn't have so many mosquitoes here already I would be well and truly inspired to start digging!

  3. I'm loving the pond, seriously - I'm loving the pond!


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