Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Your starter for 10

So, what does a job-lot of hessian sandbags have to do with gardening at Bag End?


  1. For one horrible moment (before seeing the pic) I thought that you'd had apocalyptic floods!

    Are these something to do with the pond...?

  2. Oh, I can visualize three legged races around your garden!!!!!! You and LP, and you and Mgmt, and Mgmt and LP!! I'm sure that's not on the agenda, but wouldn't it be fun??

  3. DIY sandbags?
    Underlay for a pond extension?
    Weed suppressant?
    To put on the pond shelf to protect the liner from the rocks?
    ...oh sod it - I give up! :P

  4. Pond linings? To tie in trees/climbers/etc? No, I know. It's to make blinkers for Hobbits to wear when working on something, to make sure they stay on track and don't derail themselves? (said from behind a high wall to protect myself from the missiles being thrown at me by said Hobbit.)

  5. Thank you all for wonderful suggestions.

    Hazel - yes :}

    FFG - you're thinking of sack races at sports day, aren't you? Somehow, I don't think LP or Management would fit into one of these bags.

    Kris - GROAN!

    Mrs Gnome - none of the above but all damn good alternatives, and I might use one or two of your ideas.

    QuiltSue - now you're just being silly. Hobbits don't need blinkers, just lunatic single-minded determination :}


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