Friday, 27 April 2012

VAT on fuel for Air Ambulance Service - update

Thank you to anyone who took the time to follow the link I posted on 15th March and to those who hosted the campaign on their own blogs.  There is now an update on the Government website which states:

This e-petition has now passed the threshold of 100 000 signatures.

The Leader of the House of Commons has written to the Backbench Business Committee, who are responsible for the scheduling of debates on e-petitions, informing them that the petition has reached 100 000 signatures

The Backbench Business Committee meets weekly to hear representations from MPs for debates in backbench time. The Committee can consider any subject for debate, including those raised in e-petitions, but an MP must make the case for their consideration. More information about the Committee is available on its website

A further response from the Government on this e-petition will be published in due course. 

Still a long way to go but it's progress in the right direction. Thank you.


  1. It's well over the 100,000 isn't it. Do we know whether an MP is interested in championing the cause?

    1. Hi Sue, the MP for York Central, Hugh Bayley, is supporting the campaign.

  2. It looks like a case of power to the people. Everyone I know signed that petition - I now hope that it all goes through. It is such a good idea.

    1. Hi WoG, I think I first heard about this on your blog, so thanks.


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