Saturday, 14 April 2012

Looking forward to rain

Whilst the Easter weekend was, generally, cold, wet and miserable, the days which followed have been quite gorgeous.  Bright and sunny most of the time and I got caught out mid-week when the heat caused an uncharacteristic shedding of layers leaving me in a short-sleeved shirt.  That evening there was much application of calamine location to sun-scathed arms.   Most mornings Management and I have sat outside drinking café au lait and scoffing pain au chocolat - very Français but he's on holiday this week so why the heck not?  We have joked that if, as visitors, we'd had the coffee & pastry somewhere in the National Park accompanied by such glorious views we would have considered our holiday a very good one :}

So why on earth do I want it to rain?  Usual reason - Hobbit has taken advantage of the lovely weather to work too hard and is looking forward to a break! Found a neat little Met Office widget which tells me I can have some time off on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here follows the usual litany of some of the tasks which have been achieved in the last few days. Probably boring as h*ll for anyone else but it's my way of keeping a record of the progress we make.

Much squared mesh fixed to the trellis panels to provide better support for clematis followed by heavy mulching of the lasagne bed. Made a start on the black arbour and trellis fence, only stopped when I ran out of cable ties - must order more.

Finally got round to filling the second big brick planter in the cottage garden and planted two Lonicera japonica Halianna.

Bit by bit I am digging my way along the bank in the Coppice taking out as much comfrey root as I can find. Lovely though comfrey is, this is the invasive variety and if I leave this it won't be long before much of the Coppice has been recolonised. Pretty and insect friendly, but not so friendly for the woodland plants that I want to grow in this area.  It's a long, slow job and I'm irritated by how long it is taking to do properly.  Then I remember that my 'little' Coppice is about the same size as most new-build back gardens which contributes a small measure of perspective to the activity!

When is the best time to plant a tree?
20 years ago ...

As my technical support team have not yet perfected the art of time travel, I'll have to settle for now.  I planned to get six trees into their permanent positions but only managed one of those recently brought home from Seaview Nurseries.  The Crab Apple, John Downie has been planted near the willow fedge.  Doing so gave me continued appreciation for LP's help - on heavily compacted ground (previously lawn) it took the best part of two hours to dig a decent hole, there were plenty of stones and old tree roots to remove.

I'm sure there's been more but I've been too busy doing the work to stop and photograph the work.  The ground is lovely and moist under the mulches but a couple of days rain to make me stay inside* won't go amiss.

*  There will not be indoors "resting".  There will be catching up on ironing, laundry, two weeks of paperwork ...


  1. Me and Himself had a very similar conversation about the best time to plant trees recently whilst planting a Victoria Plum tree!!!

    I was thinking about you this weekend - mainly while I was dangling precariously over the bottom pond trying to clear all the crud, leaves and water out to a point where I could stand in it without drowning my feet! Funny that! :)

    1. I'm tempted to say "you big wimp" and tell you to just get your feet wet but I'm not that cruel! Does this mean you're starting to make progress on the next stage of Waterworld, well done to you both, look forward to a blog update.

      PS: I was thinking of you two as well - thinking there is no way I could ask you to spend even a small part of your holiday in gardening clothes slogging it out at Bag End :}

    2. It's alright for you - you had those huge all encompassing waders on when you did your pond! :P Yep, work did indeed begin on Waterworld 2 at the weekend and photos were taken to prove it! Got a couple of other posts to do first - as ever, but it will appear on the blog soon(ish)!

      PS. 'Course you can! Gardening in someone else's garden is always fun! :-D

    3. Ah, but I never actually used the waders ... which reminds me there is a post with many photos of a very soggy Hobbit that hasn't made the light of day.

  2. Excellent widget - that has gone straight to my desktop, thank you. The second Bag End Idea to be pinched this week! I am beginning to worry about you - looking forward to ironing and paperwork. That's not really you talking is it?

    1. Don't worry CB - just mildly delirious due to being over-tired!


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