Tuesday, 3 April 2012


James came over on Friday, his first visit to Bag End for absolutely ages.  He brought with him a significant quantity of  lovely Primula denticulata, both the usual purple and a clear white which I hadn't seen before.  They are destined for the Coppice and  I'll plant them together, probably on the bank where they can spread.  I'm not sure how he managed to fit luggage, Mum and a dog into his little car together with this many pretties - along with the primula were many cowslips and primroses, although they're all quite small and will be grown on in the nursery for a while.

Thank you sweetie,  your gifts are always so carefully chosen and very much appreciated in The Shire :}


  1. My soil is too dry for these beauties and although I have tried over the years, none have survived. Still hard to resist buying them though!

    1. Jill, I assume you've tried improving the water-retention of the soil with large quantities of home-made compost, mulches, etc?

  2. Checked my local garden centre after seeing your photo and they had them in red, white and purple. So I've got one of each! I hope they'll like a slightly shady, slightly damp, spot in the corner under a tree and will multiply themselves.

    Reading your blog is like getting seed/plant catalogues, I find myself making notes of things I could squeeze in somewhere.

    1. Hi Tamsin, sounds like you have a perfect spot for them.

      You're making notes when you read the blog? (Blanches and goes pale .......) Yikes, now I shall feel all responsible :}


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