Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Beardie Bounce

I don't give a rat's wotsit about Halifax insurance but I can't get enough of this advert.  Have probably seen it 50 times since it was first broadcast and it still makes me cry, every single bloody time.

If Benson was a brown Beardie instead of slate & white I'd swear I was watching Ollie.  Mr Hairy had a 'thing' for footballs but preferred his thoroughly punctured so that he could get a good grip.

The jump at 38 seconds is exactly how our boy used to try to catch/bite a new ball, and the flowing hair . . . it's just pure Beardie.

Now, all I need is for some lovely techie friend to show me how to save this video to a hard disc so I can watch it whenever I want :}


  1. I just love that advert.....the dog is just so gorgeous.......

  2. Hope you found someone to help you save it! Great commercial and I'm glad it brings fond memories!!!

  3. Sadly not yet, my "technical wizard' has been busy but he's never let me down yet .. :}


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