Thursday, 15 March 2012

Refund of VAT on Air Ambulance fuel

This has nothing to with Bag End and everything to do with life at Bag End.

Anyone who lives in a rural area will tell you that fast road links and a network of dual carriageways are something that the rest of the country takes for granted.  If you're seriously injured round here and need ambulance transport it can take half an hour to get to Whitehaven, an hour to reach the big hospital at Carlisle and heaven help you if your condition needs treatment in Newcastle - that's a three hour trip.

Air Ambulances don't just serve folk 'out in the sticks'  There is a national network of them.

The Great North Air Ambulance provides fast transport and highly skilled medical staff, not just for fell-walkers who are stuck in an inaccessible location, but for local folk who need help.  We live within sight of the local rugby club and have had the Pride of Cumbria helicopter land almost outside the house to transport a young man with suspected spinal injuries.

The Great North Air Ambulance service costs £4 million a year to run and receives not a single penny from the Government, or the National Lottery.  An e-petition has been started requesting the same tax treatment as the RNLI enjoy.

Please, follow this link and add your signature to the 64,000 people who have already signed up to support this campaign.  More signatures are needed before this request will be given consideration by Parliament.

If you have a blog and can pass on this information, thank you!

Edit Saturday morning:  70,000 signatures and rising!


  1. Have signed and Facebooked it. Will blog it later.

    Like you, it's not an unheard of sound and good to know its there.

    1. Hi Amanda, I don't do Face-ache so thanks very much for mentioning it there.


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