Tuesday, 20 March 2012

If it seems too good to be true ...

If it seems too good to be true . . . then it usually IS too good to be true.

The coping stones on the top of our front wall need replacing.  They're 40+ years old, wearing away and some are loose.  It is one of those jobs that we know we'll need to deal with eventually, but it is not on the Priority List, heck, it's not even on any List.  However, when we learned last week that the local auction of building materials included several pallets of brand new copings it made sense to bid for the materials even if we stacked them on the driveway for a year or two.

I spent last Thursday afternoon online as the auctions came to a close (a bit like eBay, but not) and was delighted to successfully buy more than enough copings for our job, plus some lovely rivenned flag stones and an arc welder for Management, all at absolutely silly prices.

We went over early this morning to collect the purchases.  Wayne & his uncle set to loading their bounty onto the trailer whilst I looked around for the coping stones.  I couldn't find them.  I could, however, find three pallets of copings which were half the size of the ones I'd bought.  Long story short:  completely misdescribed in the auction catalogue, very embarrassed and understanding site supervisor, available stone not big enough to cover the wall, unheard of offer from auction company to refund the purchase price.  We did bring home lovely flagstones and the welder, but no copings - hey ho - good job we didn't need them urgently.

What you've never had (allegedly) you don't miss, but they would have been nice.


  1. Drats!!! Well, you came home with something that I'm sure will go to good use! I mean what's a Hobbit house without flagstone!!

  2. Eve, I'm sure that when we really do need to do the top of the wall the right materials will turn up. These stones would have been great (especially at 25% of trade price!) but they weren't perfect so it was not meant to be.


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