Sunday, 18 March 2012

A busy couple of days

Management spent most of the weekend replacing the brakes on our friends' quad bike.  We'd planned on the job taking a couple of hours.  What we hadn't planned on was the amount of time it took to disassemble the quad to get at the necessary bits ... more than a little cursing, muttering, application of sledgehammer, brute force and WD40. 

When I wasn't helping out as mechanics assistant I took the mesh trolley to pieces.  Another wheel has sheered at the axle and we've bought a couple of new ones to replace this and the wheel which had to be welded a few months ago.  I have been promising the green trolley a rebuild and TLC for some time (heavens knows it has earned it).  Made a start on painting it but the smell of Hammerite doesn't get any less unpleasant. 

Happily, the weekend also included activity of the garden kind.  I made the 'mistake' of deciding it was about time I cut some of the wild honeysuckle and other escapees which were growing over the side fence.  Half an hour and a few moments with the pole pruner later I had a horribly large pile of rubbish to get rid of.  Management just laughed when I grumbled and reminded me that there is no job in this garden which comes out 'normal sized'.

Spent quite a bit of time on Sunday just 'clearing up'.  There is manner in my madness (yes, really!) and I am applying simple psychologically on LP.  He knows I want the bed next to the driveway dug, same with the ground along the side fence but despite being the hardest worker I've ever met, he seems in no hurry to start either task (can't say I blame him, I'm in no hurry to dig them myself either).  I figured if I clear up as much as possible and move all the junk that shouldn't be on the ground it makes it easier for him to come in and see what has to be done.  Well, that's the plan, we'll see whether he falls for the trick :}

This ground is now ready to be dug over so we can plant the hornbeam hedge.  Sound so simple when you say it like that!

It took longer to clean up by the side fence but does look a heck of a lot better.  As the ground slopes away we'll fix larch slab to the bottom of the fence posts to act as gravel boards and I laid long bits of birch to mark what will be the edge of the path.  All of a sudden it looks less like a bomb site and more like the garden I see in my imagination.  That's the sort of rash statement I have made on more than one occasion in the past, crossing fingers and toes that this time we retain the momentum.

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