Thursday, 25 August 2011


The season not just of mist and mellow fruitfulness, but of cloud inversions. Paradise for walkers prepared to get up early, which is a rather public note to self to dust off the rucksack.

As I cut the side lawn this afternoon I suddenly realised how many leaves were being picked up. Brown, dried, autumnal leaves. It looks like what little summer we had is over, but please can we have two weeks of Indian Summer? Management is about to start a much-needed holiday and we are about to have some major work done on the house ...


  1. Gorgeous! Just waiting for what looks like a spell of settled weather, Indian Summer would be very nice thankyou, to head up to the Lakes. Good luck with the roofing!

  2. A trip up here to celebrate finishing work? I do hope so, let me know when you'll be around.


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