Sunday, 17 July 2011

Unexpected shopping, 1

Too tired to do proper gardening this weekend but finally got round to visiting the Allerby Community Garden site a few miles up the coast. Large slap self-administered to head - wonderful place and I really should have come here sooner. These are all destined for the Cottage Garden beds.

Anemone Pamina

Campanula Elizabeth

Linaria purpurea 'Brown's White Strain'

Eryngium bourgatii

Persicaria Superba.

I know Country Bumpkin will chide me for buying this, she thinks it's an invasive weed. She is probably right in which case it will be well at home with all the others.

Acanthus mollis

The price tag in the Linaria is not an accident .... whilst not everything was that cheap, once again I've found a supply of ridiculously priced perennials.


  1. Oh my, what lovely looking plants!!! Were I to see a selection that luscious, I'd be bringing some home too!!

  2. They were truly lovely, annoyed with myself I didn't go earlier in the season (but there is always next year, and the year after, and ....)

  3. It's OK Bilbo. Persicaria is a weed to us Agronomists, but then I have to admit to having a dwarf version in the garden which I was given by a friend in the village earlier this summer. I'm hoping the culivated types are easier to control than the arable weed types!

  4. CB - I suspect the one I have bought is closer to the field plant than a cultivated one by the look of its leaves!


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