Friday, 8 July 2011

Time off for good behaviour?

I've had a week off. Off course, being Hobbit this was not a relaxing, feet up, do nothing "week off". This was taking a week away from the endless physical slog of working in the garden and doing other things. Two days were thoroughly disrupted by having a carpenter here to fit skirting board, a job which has been slightly derailed until he finds a hard and durable varnish in the right colour. I know I am not the only person who doesn't like having workmen in the house - however nice they are, however quietly and tidily they work, I can't settle do do what *I* want and I seem to have very "bitty" days. I did manage to catch up on some paperwork, do all the ironing and straighten my study a bit, but it wasn't relaxing and peaceful.

Of course, there had to be some gardening content - the greenhouse needs daily attention and watering, as do some of the plants in the nursery area.

I dug up all the garlic and it is drying in the greenhouse (stinking the place out!). A reasonable harvest which should keep me going for a few months but the bulbs are not the size they could be and I will put that down to planting late and a terribly dry March and April followed by an unusually cold May.

Ended on a high note with a trip to Keswick. Prompted by Jill (Lakeslover) I popped into Little Dodd Garden Centre. Used to be great place which went badly downhill whilst the previous owners tried to sell (it took nearly 3 years). The new owners have been on-site for a couple of months and are slowly commencing the uphill task of turning the place around. Last time I went in the plant stock was woefully inadequate, on Friday it wasn't extensive but is getting better.

Getting fed up with not finding exactly the clematis I want, so compromised and came home with a Hagley Hybrid, two Etoile Voilette and one Piilu, plus two Lonicera Graham Thomas which is meant to do well in our conditions plus a rather nice Taxus Baccata to supplement the home-grown seedlings. Believing that there is no such thing as co-incidence, during the week I was admiring some huge (but unnamed) Japanese Anenome at a friend's house, therefore I could hardly leave some rather splendid plants behind - three each of Bressingham Glow and Serenade.


  1. I love the trays you have the tomato plants in. Are they from a DIY store?

  2. Thanks Matron. The trays belonged to Management's late Father. They stack and are for 'bloke stuff' - Dad was Transport Manager for a haulage firm years back and I suspect they came from the workshop. They're extremely tough and rigid and very useful.

    I have used cat litter trays when I've not got enough red ones which works well but they're not as durable.

  3. All looking good, Bilbo - good for you having a bit of time out.

    Sorry that the GC not quite up to scratch, but it sounds positive, and you do look to have bought some good things home with you!

    Tomatoes are looking good - would an automatic watering system in the g/h benefit you?

    Dug my garlic up last night too - although I could have left them, but they were getting a bit of rust. Not all monsters, but pretty good all the same - had to drive back from the Hill with the windows wide open!

  4. Thanks Hazel, I have considered auto-watering but decided against it. Different plants need differing amounts of water each day and I would rather 'get in there' and be hands on. The huge IBC tank fills one watering can whilst I use another and it doesn't take too long.


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