Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pot Wash

Every time I pot something on, or plant something out, I end up with an empty plastic pot which needs a rinse. Despite my best intentions the pile builds up until it is completely out of control (again).

(Worryingly, this is not all of them ....)

Whilst not the worst job in the world there has to be a better way than spending the best part of half a day trying to catch up.

The solution I've come up with is to utilise the redundant staging from the greenhouse, a pile of concrete blocks (damn, they're heavy) and a corner of the nursery area.

Logic tells me if something is easy to do I might do it more often and when I don't have pots to wash I've got a nice bit of outdoor staging to work on. Fingers crossed - because history shows that having A Plan at Bag End is asking for trouble

The buckets underneath contain my witches brew of comfrey tea and nettle feed. Stinks to high heaven when the lid is off but once strained (milk and water containers) and added to the watering can all the plants love it. Does make the greenhouse pong for a few hours when I do the tomatoes!


  1. All very organised Bilbo. I'm afraid I leave my pots until I need them again and then it is a real chore washing them. I am always going to do it but never get round to it. I think the special corner is also a good idea.

  2. Thanks Pat, I've been meaning to make a work area in this space for ages.

  3. Wash pots???? You're supposed to wash pots?? I just try to foist them off on somebody else before that's needed. Once I've removed the plant from a plastic pot, the pot seldom gets used. I've got this thing about clay pots, you see. Right now, however, a few hours playing in the water sounds heavenly!!!!

  4. I don't think there is a rule about washing pots {giggle} but as I often re-use mine it's nicer to start with them clean.

    Proper clay ones are lovely though.

  5. Must admit to not being the most fastidious pot cleaner. I wait 'til I need them again and if they look as though they need it I give it a good brush out after all you can't really wash out the flimsy plastic cells (or do you?)and things seem to do OK in those without washing.

  6. I don't think there's a gardener out there who manages to wash pots as they go along. I also have big pot-washing days periodically, if you get a nice hot day it's not an unpleasant job.

  7. I've just done a few more in the new set-up and it worked well. SewAli, glad it's not just me who lets them pile up!

  8. It never ceases to amaze me what you get up to with your pots. I have never washed a plant pot yet. Is it obvious? Am I unclean? Maybe I should get some therapy (don't answer that one). You are so deligent it's frightening

  9. CB - think of it as a curse {grin}, anyway, in my defence I like using clean pots and no-one else is going to wash them for me.

    As for you not washing pots, perhaps that is where I am going wrong - your Nelly Moser clematis is outstanding!


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