Saturday, 2 July 2011

More than I realised

There was a hot and tired point midway through this afternoon when I had a feeling that I had not really accomplished much today. Fortunately I had the idea to get a notepad from the greenhouse and actually write down what I'd done since the alarm blew me out of a blissful sleep far too early this morning.

* Wayne here first thing to sand down the replastering in the sewing room. (Glossing swiftly over our irritation with his current inability to schedule his work or turn up when he said he would.) That took more than two hours out of my day including the clearing up once he'd left.

* Apply more Coolglass to the greenhouse.

* Quick trip to the supermarket.

* Empty builders' bag full of stones and redistribute the contents around the garden. Small stones have filled a deliberately left gap between boards at the back of this bed in the Potager and large ones are waiting until we have a pond.

* Finally able to mow the remainder of the Cottage Garden lawn and for the first time in a long time there are no builders' bags, no supplies, nothing laying around this area that doesn't belong there.

* Fortuitous introduction to a couple who keep five horses less than a mile away. Long craic↓ with them resulting in access to an almost unlimited supply of free, well rotted horse manure which is even better for the soil than the cow muck I have been so happy to use.

* Collection of first car load of stable muck (which is hard work 'cos it involves something of a walk between the muck heap and the closest I can get the car ...) and spreading of same on the yew hedge bed. It is absolutely chock full of worms, hardly smells and is lovely to handle (OK, I had gloves on).

* Thoroughly water all the beds and greenhouse

. . . if that is what I consider "not getting much done" no wonder I am perpetually exhausted

craic: Cumbrian for passing the time of day, gossiping, talking at length about everything and nothing


  1. Yep, you've definitely been lollygagging around again.

    1. Spend time aimlessly; idle: "lollygagging in the sun".
    2. Dawdle: "we're just lollygagging along".

    After fretting about having to haul manure so far from my brother's horses, the other day I said something to him, and his response? How much do you want and when do you want it? He'll bring it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, our hot and humid summers aren't the time to spread manure here, so it'll have to wait until the fall. Besides, there's a vacation to attend to.
    Take care, Bilbo.

  2. Giggling: yeah, constantly lollygagging - that's me. Glad you too have a good supply of horse manure, your soil will thank you ☺

  3. Hi Bilbo, We have a riding stables in the next village and have a free supply too as long as we collect it. Fantastic stuff!

  4. Jill, glad you can also access such horticultural loveliness.


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