Thursday, 14 July 2011

A little bit more

Two days help from LP this week, even though he is nursing a torn hamstring*. Given that I don't want to cripple him (at least until Bag End is finished) he was given the choice of a selection of tasks around the garden this morning and told to pick what would be sensible. He chose digging . . .

Despite Keswick being the hottest place in England today, with Bag End not far behind, another ten foot of Cottage Garden was double dug and composted.

I pot-washed, potted up perennials, spread compost onto what will be a wild/native area and went out to a couple of appointments.

We're nearing the end of the home-made stuff so tomorrow morning is ear-marked for large-scale collection of horse muck.

*sustained whilst running around the fells in the pursuit of night-time orienteering, unsurprisingly he's not getting much sympathy from anyone.


  1. Crumbs, is there no limit to the man's energy??? It's amazing how much proper gardening you're getting done this year, I'm very impressed (and envious!).

  2. Hottest place in England - Wow. It's actually raining here at the moment - not fast but maybe it will just rain for a while - we really do need it!

  3. SewAli, LP is one of those amazing old-fashioned people who believes in hard work. I'm just praying he doesn't decide to go back to Australia .....

    Sue, we had a few rain drops this afternoon but not nearly enough. Fingers crossed for the weekend - we've not had proper rain for over a month.


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