Friday, 15 July 2011


Doomed to failure: whenever I make a definite Plan something, somewhere derails it. Plan is truly a four-letter word at Bag End.

LP not able to come back today; I knew when I loaded the car last night with buckets, gloves and tools that being so prepared was asking for trouble. Instead of going to collect horse muck first thing I fixed larch slab to the back of the newest bed and then ended up moving a large quantity of log pile. I didn't particularly want to move a log pile but I did want to try and unearth some timber to use as edging for the front of the bed.

After lunch and Ibuprofen I made a start on collecting more well-rotted loveliness.

Drive to stables, fill 14 buckets, lug each one 30 yards back to the car, drive home, take each bucket up the steps and spread contents on Potager and Cottage Garden beds. At a guess, a full bucket weighs 20kg. 14 x 20 ... you can do the sums. Took two hours to complete the task and then I was stupid enough to do it all a second time. Started raining gently at about the three hour mark so I carried on ...

The beds I've mulched look fantastic which is more than can be said for my clothes. The bath was good though!

No point washing the tubs, I'm planning on doing this all over again on Monday.


  1. That is too much like hard work. Don't you have a nice kind farmer who will deliver it?
    Our local man is always glad to bring a load to the garden......

    Hope you don't ache too much. You need a treat....perhaps a nice massage at the local spa??

  2. BTW everything looks lovely......beautiful planting.

  3. Cheryl, yes - I can get cow muck delivered and will continue to do so but I think horse is better. Must photograph a bucketful next time - it is completely rotted, rich, black, crumbly, chock full of worms - quite priceless!

    Thank you for your compliment about the planting, that means a lot coming from you ☺ You're also the second person this week to suggest I ought to treat myself to a massage ... but I didn't ache this morning, just a bit tired.

  4. The work is paying off. It's looking fabulous - unlike my 'jungle' garden. I let things self-seed and you get whatever decides to come up! It's different every year though!

  5. Thanks Flummery, I need to let things self-seed. Will shortly be chucking a load of poppy seed into these borders and must not be too efficient with the weeding!


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