Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The day the wheels came off . . .

My first task today was rubbing down skirting board in the laundry room (again) and applying my 4th coat of varnish. Whilst the man who runs a local joinery firm might be excellent, the chap he sent to do the skirting boards has not lived up to expectations. They have been relieved of the responsibility for finishing the job so I get another project added to my list

I certainly deserved to go out to the garden to play for a few hours as a reward.

Set to clearing unwanted growth from the long bed in the Cottage Garden. LP arrived at lunchtime in the mood to do serious damage to anything in his way. He chose the mattock as today's Weapon of Mass Destruction and in the amount of time it took me to make him a mug of tea and answer the phone he had cleared a quarter of the bed.

We then "had a look" at a small tree stump which was showing signs of rot. Not one I remember felling we dug a bit, and LP threw the mattock around a bit ... and we found ourselves with a cherry stump that was completely mushy and horribly rotten on one side with a 12 foot long root on the other. It didn't last long after that ...

Whilst moving the remains up to the shed area LP commented that the green trolley seemed very wobbly. Seconds later one of the wheels gave up the ghost - poor little trolley, it's had a hard life over the last three years. Thankfully a text to Keith (Help, need welding assistance ASAP!!) resulted in a visit as he was already in the village. He's going to take all four wheels away for me tomorrow night and perform remedial welding as necessary because it looks like a couple of the others are also rusted and might shear off at an inconvenient moment.

More digging, much removal of ivy root (we filled three builders' bags with shrubbery that won't compost), all told a satisfying afternoon.

Later I made a start on moving a soil heap down to the hawthorn hedge where some areas need building up.


  1. You had me concerned with that "wheels came off" caption!!!! In my world, that could be really bad news.

  2. Sorry Sue, didn't mean to scare you {smile}, but in my world, having the big green trolley out of action really IS bad news!


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