Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wildlife ...

Wildlife has an unerring ability to find nice warm and dry places to live which don't quite fit in with nearby humans. Unfortunately the inside of our small shed is one of those places.

At present it is about the size of a large grapefruit but I know they can grow very quickly. Unless we remove it soon the shed will be a no-go area for weeks to come - but I really don't want to move or destroy it (they're probably the same thing), it is so beautiful.


  1. Oh dear - I had a wasp's nest in the toolshed at the Hill a couple of years ago. It's right by the path, and I couldn't see a way of leaving it there (for the summer), or moving it and so I had to use a puffer spray - this was NOT my finest hour. :-(

  2. Sadly I had to make a similar decision this afternoon. The little buggers have been making it difficult to walk past the shed so this evening I moved the nest to a secluded corner. Will blog about it tomorrow, if I don't get side-tracked!


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