Saturday, 4 June 2011

Twilight Zone

I'm confused (nothing new there) ... as I realise I've not made a note of another of those hugely significant events, and I'm not sure exactly when it occurred either.

Possibly around the weekend of 27th May, but possibly not, we got the first of our Portuguese Laurel into the ground. All thanks to LP doing some sterling work in the double-digging department, plus the addition of a few buckets of homemade compost and lots of Rootgrow (Mycorrhizal Fungi).

The empty pot is a place marker for a small tree - either a Crab Apple or possibly a pink flowered Hawthorn like the pretty ones Country Bumpkin and I saw at Hazel Cottage.

I also made a lot more progress on the bark paths which will run behind the evergreen hedging.


  1. Who's been a busy girl then? I am sure you must be smiling every time you walk out the door now you have all those plants in the ground. Are we running a book on how much musical plants goes on from now on? I am impressed with the specimens from your little local. Shame it's not a bit closer to us.

  2. It is rather nice to see PLANTS outside rather than all the detritus I've got used to.

    One of my local places is 11 minutes from here - you could have coffee at Bag End first and then we could tootle down? (The other is about 35 minutes)


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