Friday, 10 June 2011

Three Day Week, part 3

More timber was delivered Thursday so on Friday LP and I could start fitting the windbreak net and horizontal rails. A great deal of time was spent planning and we reckon we've come up with a solution that makes the edges of the net completely inaccessible and therefore hard to "get hold of and yank". Of course we cannot legislate for anyone wandering by with a sharp knife but we've done as much as possible.

LP had the idea of burying the bottom edge of the net in six inches of soil and the end result is a lovely firm "tunnel" of windbreak protection. Much hilarity about the strength of rigidity of what is (supposedly) a Temporary Fence. Bets are being taken on the duration of "temporary" ...

During the course of the day we "killed" a second staple gun much to Management's disgust*. Public Service Announcement - do not buy a Tacwise staple gun from Machine Mart and if you do, don't expect Machine Mart to be helpful, even though the Carlisle shop admit there is a known problem with the trigger mechanism.

And after all THAT, we even had time to plant two more Portuguese Laurel.

* he's disgusted with the product and Machine Mart - not us.


  1. You've done a cracking job there - you can see the difference in 'robustness' between the new temporary fence on the existing one in the 4th pic in particular. do you get in and out to plant the hedge/weed?

  2. Thanks Hazel. The answer is easy - at present I am climbing over the original fence but when planting starts in earnest I'll remove some of the windbreak net so I can climb through - a few cable ties and it's easy to put back


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