Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Three Day Week, part 2

Wednesday: LP was back bright and early - he really is far too cheerful and enthusiastic and nothing at Bag End seems to phase him. He had borrowed a post whacker from a friend and we spent the day putting in 16 fence posts (which fortunately I already had 'laying around' at the back of the shed - all those supplies I squirrel away eventually come in useful for something!).

Getting the levels right on a corner which sloped away in two directions took a long time but the end result was worth it. We also screwed in supporting battens to reinforce the posts. We've already had two lots of petty vandalism to the green windbreak netting and I am not keen to make it easy for the (known) bored teenage brat to do any more damage.

The 'old' windbreak net might as well remain - the new hawthorn will find itself with shelter on both sides and a healthy quantity of very well rotted cow poo in the soil - could this be the most cossetted Hawthorn hedge in the county?


  1. Oh, I'm amazed at the work LP is getting done for you and with you!!! Your gardens will not look the same by summer's end.

  2. What fantastic progress, I've just been reading through all your recent posts, the garden is transformed! If you weren't fit at the beginning of the summer you certainly will be by the end LOL! And I doubt your hawthorn hedge will be more cossetted than ours :o). We also used rootgrow, got 100% success rate with the whips and it looks like a real hedge now, just 18 months down the line. Yours is going to look great in that bed.

  3. Just having a major catch up ,,,, I can feel that planting fever here in eastest Yorkshire ,,, one of my favourite things in the whole world!

    Love my version, Diablo, of your new Red Lady which I planted last year and which held on to it's decorative seed heads until the snow came, has survived the winter and flowered it's heart out this year!

  4. Ali - I'm always impressed when I look at the photos of your hawthorn (can we see more?) Hope mine has made as much progress in 18 months time.

    Jill, how big has got Physocarpus got and how old is it?


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