Monday, 6 June 2011

Three Day Week, part 1

As LP wasn't available last week there was some sort of twisted logic in doing more this week to make up for it. Unfortunately (?) what we ended up doing mostly involved two pairs of hands so I had three days of 8.00am starts. I didn't think I was fit at present, now I know I am not. Whine, whine, whine.

Monday started fairly innocently with more digging to prepare the ground properly for the huge laurel plants I bought recently. ** and THIS is when the first laurel went in.

Long story short: this leaves us with surplus soil. We needed somewhere sensible to put it because it is, once again, of excellent quality. We're really lucky with the soil at Bag End; having gardened previously on solid chalk (yuk), and also on thick blue clay less than one spit from the surface, digging two full spits here and still being in topsoil is a horticultural lottery win.

The intended place for this soil is the long curved bed at the very front of the property. Trouble is, that hadn't been touched for over a year since a large digger removed giant tree stumps ... so LP cheerfully took his tools to the other end of the garden and started digging.

This is a job which had always been On The List but we didn't expect to get to it so soon. We also expected it to be a swine of a task that would take a couple of days. Seeing as LP didn't start on this until mid-morning, it was something of a shock to have the whole thing dug over and A Plan for a Temporary Fence to support windbreak netting by the time he went home .... We've had to leave the first metre or so alone because there is a large wasp nest in the soil, it's not hurting anyone and I'll deal with this area in the autumn.

There are no photos because the picture which should be here - of the laurel - made its debut as the Twilight Zone and how exciting is a picture of freshly dug soil? OK, for me freshly dug soil is very exciting .....


  1. Oh, I don't know, I have a reasonable collection of pics of bare soil in beds. My own 'boring to anyone but me' photos are of newly sown seed trays - I do have to stop myself putting those up on the blog.

  2. Bare soil is great ,,, in a year or two you can look back and amaze yourself by how different it looks!

  3. Couldn't resist ladies, bare soil pictures posted last night! Of course, if I don't get it planted it won't stay bare for long and the bloody weeds will re-colonise it!


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