Sunday, 19 June 2011


Last week a civilised little bowl each after supper.

During the week a few which never made it to the scales!

This weekend more than enough for a strawberry tart and lots left over.

(over 2½ lbs - 1.2 kg)

I could have picked more but that would have been silly. The plants are fruiting their little socks off but also trying to put out runners which I cut off as soon as I see them. It would be nice to think the recently purchased raspberries might do as well.

There was meant to be a photo of the strawberry tart - but we ate it.


  1. Good innit? I made strawberry wine last year, there were so many, the first bottle of which I plan to open next month sometime - looking forward to that!

  2. I ate so much strawberry flan last night (with home-made confectioners' custard, yum yum) that I had tummy ache. And no, I don't expect any sympathy either.

  3. I bought some strawberries at the weekend from our local supermarket. I was so looking forward to them - the first this year - and they were absolutely flavourless. What a disappointment.

  4. Sue, that's why I never buy strawbs anymore. I'd rather only have them for one month a year than the tasteless red things sold these days

  5. Real strawbs are just so different. Like real taters!

  6. If you buy from Waitrose or M&S you should get some good tasty strawbs, but home grown are definitely best. Wish I could have helped with the strawberry tart, yum!


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