Friday, 3 June 2011

Potager Planting

The traditional definition of a Potager is an area where everything is edible/useful as well as attractive but I think I'm stretching the bounds somewhat. Many of the beds in the middle are anything but productive and the two long beds either side are rapidly turning into non-edible planting zones!

I've removed from the fedge bed the Viburnum tinus which did not make it through the winter and replaced them with another Weigela Bristol Ruby at the house end, and ferns and skimmia at the road end. This is the bit which gets no sun in winter and freezes solid so fingers crossed for the new planting.

On the opposite side I've matched the 'cold' end with ferns, skimmia and two more Buddleia - according to the labels they are both Black Knight but they don't look identical at present. It doesn't matter, I am sure the local butterflies won't care what the nursery called them.

As in the cottage garden, the obelisks are home to some ailing and unhappy sweet peas. The cold and wet during May has left plants which sulked for a month and did very little and despite better weather in June they're still not showing much enthusiasm for the task in hand.

The tree peony was a gift and hopefully the middle section will give it the shelter it needs.

At the gate end I've finished off the awkward corner bit and planted saxifrage which will stay low and should behave itself and on the driveway side of the fence I've put a climbing rose - Mme Isaac Periere.


  1. Hmm. Non edible potager - goes against the grain, Hobbit! Can't you at least find room for some currant bushes in the mix?? {gg}

    Seriously - all looking WONDERFUL and if you are not reeling with smugness, well, you damn well should be!

  2. Funny you should say that .... am planning on putting currants and raspberries in the raised beds . . .

    It is looking good though and there have been Smug Points Awarded recently - wish you could see if for yourself.


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