Friday, 17 June 2011

Digging continues

LP seems to be viewing the hawthorn corner and our evergreen hedge at the back of the garden as one big enjoyable problem to solve so I'm not going to impede his progress. Sadly however, the rain had other ideas and we only got a couple of hours done this morning before the weather intervened. Who cares? Progress is progress and it's one more thing that is finally getting attended to.

Now, if only I could find an equally simple (and cheap) way of dealing with the leylandii stumps ...

Typically it brightened up a bit in the afternoon and I was able to make a start on shifting some extremely well rotted cow muck onto the hawthorn bed.


  1. Even with the rain stopping play on a regular basis, it looks like you're getting a lot done. I probably won't recognise the garden next time I see it.

  2. Thanks Sue, it is only because of the regular rain that we can get so much done. If summer ever arrives our clay-based soil will bake rock hard and not even LP will be able to dig through it. Whilst I would love a spell of warm, sunny weather I recognise that what we currently have is far more useful to me this season.

  3. I've been envying you your heavy showers! Now we have some of our own and we have to stand back so as not to get a plant up our trouser leg, they are growing so fast!

  4. Flummery, your plants look wonderful - you've had a warm spell to encourage that growth which is what we are sadly lacking.

  5. It won't surprise you that we've had the better of the weather 200 miles south, with good rain showers - however, despite a few warmer days, we'll suddenly get a much cooler one, and the concurbits in particular do not like it one jot.


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