Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Trying to get organised (hollow laugh). Have got myself a list of the jobs I want LP to tackle this week and worked out the dependencies. We can't plant the laurel unless I've sieved a load more home-made compost to add to the soil, so after a day of paperwork and mainly house stuff, The Sherpa and I had a good session and prepared lots of lovely home-made black gold.

Now safely tucked under a tarp until I'm ready to use it.

Mental note that I need to move the contents of bin 2 into the 4th bin ready for sieving, and then turn bin no 1 (the current one) into the second bay to heat it up again and then seive bin 3 which is just about ready to use .... never ending this compost lark!


  1. Ha! You've cracked the secret of the List! Putting the job-with-dependencies that you want to get done at the bottom of the page, and work backwards putting all the steps needed to get to that point above it...

    NB - if one of your dependencies is weather related, you are knackered!

  2. Hazel darling, the weather has nothing to do with it, I'm just permanently knackered from doing too much


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