Tuesday, 24 May 2011

With icing and a cherry on top

There was A Plan for today and Hobbit friends know that at Bag End, plan is a 4-letter word. The original plan was to go back down to Seaview Nurseries, do a little more Horticultural Retail Therapy and then come home and spend the rest of the day planning exactly where things would go. The plan went off the rails with a couple of very satisfying detours containing shopping opportunities which couldn't be ignored!

When I was at Distington yesterday I got talking to Robert about hedging and he showed me these plants. Five huge Prunus laurocerasus (that's Common Laurel in English) and five Prunus lusitanica which are nearly as big.

Apparently 'left over from a job' they are in 20 litre pots and about 4 feet high. He named a price - which was less than half what I'd expect them to cost and could barely be much more than wholesale, "we'll deliver them" he added. I didn't buy them on the spot my excuse being "I'll ask my husband when I get home" but I knew what Management's answer would be. Sod the budget - an offer like this doesn't come up very often and they were far too good to refuse.

First stop today was to call back into Bennett's and pay for them, what I didn't expect was that they'd be delivered at tea-time. They're in good condition and with a little Bag End TLC I think they will do very well.

On to Seaview Nursery but today I called into Lamberlea first, just to have a look. The last thing I expected to find was five bundles of Hawthorn. Obviously bought in as bare-rooted whips earlier in the year and left-over they'd been heeled into large tubs and are growing in something of a Triffid-like fashion. At 75 pence each I could hardly walk away .... I did have to promise to take the tubs back to the nursery at some point but the chap serving wouldn't take my name or address to make sure.

Management and I are forever talking about the need for hedging here and never actually doing anything about it. I suspect the Universe decided enough was enough and that it was time to chuck us a helping hand. If the weather would behave itself over the next month one of LP's many tasks is to dig over the areas where both laurel and hawthorn are going to go.

A leisurely walk around Seaview produced a nice trolley-full of plants and then home to make a start on the thoroughly enjoyable task of playing with bits of paper all evening to supposedly decide where they will all go. In reality what will happen is that plants will get moved around outside until it seems right.

Skimmia Japonica Rubella
Buddleja, Black Knight
Buddleja, Royal Red
Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn
Hydrangea macrophylla Snowball
Hydrangea macrophylla, Eldorado
Lupin, Gallery Mixed
Lobellia, Fan Rose


  1. What an excellent haul! I love buying plants.

  2. Thanks Flummery, I think you'd have enjoyed the shopping trips this week. Next time you're over I'll take you down to Bennett's if you like.

  3. Sounds wonderful. Indeed the Universe is helping you out - I reckon it's decided you've paid your dues and it's time to toss you a few morsels.

    In five years' time Bag End is going to start to look much more like your long term vision. Hard work, but so worth it and many, many years of pleasure getting it so and enjoying it.

  4. Lots of planting to do then! Great bargains though.

  5. @James, thanks. I'm sure once I get some plants in the ground it will all start to look better.

    @Sue, yes, loads of planting but that's the fun bit.


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