Thursday, 12 May 2011

Welcome to the Dark Side

After the glorious frenzy of March and April, May is becoming something of a non-month as far as the garden is concerned. It's wet most days and decided chilly on others and apart from general greenhouse maintenance (take the seed trays out, bring the trays in, take them out, bring them in ... oh, bring on the day when I have cold frames) not a lot has happened outside.

A great deal has happened inside however. I've taken advantage of the damp days to make good progress on straightening out rooms which had been trashed by our recent building work and whilst we're not finished yet, much cleaning has been accomplished and we can at least relax without having to climb over piles of 'stuff'.

I've also spent far more time than good for me in front of a computer screen, but been remarkably unproductive! After more than two decades I took the plunge and have waved goodbye* to Microsoft (*with one or two fingers depending upon the mood/operating system/application in question). This has been on the cards for some considerable time but the inner geek is now unleashed and I really should not be getting this much fun from using an aluminum box ... it'll be an iPad2 next, just you wait and see. With thanks to SewAli , encouragement from James, but most of all and last but should be first - to Management for making it all possible. WHY didn't I do this years ago?

Until such time as I have everything imported, exported, converted and sorted the Dell will be allowed to lurk on the corner of the desk but its days are numbered.

It was a damn good birthday - all morning playing with the iMac, and afternoon ramble around Rannerdale, a lovely dinner at Bamboo (happy anniversary dear husband) and finally some dozing in front of the wood-burner/watching TV. Happy birthday to me, tra la la, happy birthday to me!


  1. I wish you would send some rain this way.
    I have never known it so dry for so long in the Spring.
    We have had no real rain to speak of for around ten weeks......

  2. Thanks Roddie, be careful you are not added to the list of Those Who Already Use Macs Who Might Be Called Upon ... if it all gets a bit much.

    Cheryl - you are welcome to some of our rain, it has got terribly cold here the last week or so.

  3. Happy Birthday! sounds like you had a great day!

  4. Hope you're still having fun with your new toy?

  5. Thanks girls, it was a lovely day and yes Sue, the new "toy" is working very well.

  6. Hope the e mail I sent didn't get lost between the Windows and the Mac but just in case Happy Birthday. Sounds like a great one!! G & E both on Mac and love it especially for the photos! parents not :(

  7. Hee hee, it's amazing how zealous the reformed become, LOL. Thanks for the laugh about waving goodbye to MS, I'm with you all the way there. (written on my iPad - smirk)

  8. Sarum, sorry m'dear, I did get your email and will phone/write to you abut E. May be able to add something ....

    Sewali, still enjoying your conversion then? (grin)

  9. A belated Hobbit Birthday to you.

    Glad that you took the plunge and have joined the enlightened at long last {g}. That screen is something else for processing photos isn't it, although the glossiness causes some people issues (I have mine setup such that it isn't really an issue for me).

  10. You're right James, the screen is a delight. Now - can I produce photos which do the screen justice? {giggle}

  11. I like the look of your new toy ,,,, our first computer was a mac! Don't really know why we changed ,,, something to do with me being at uni I think!

  12. Jill, change back again - this is so much nicer than Windows!!


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